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School of Nursing

Art-conscious curriculum for heartfelt nursing

Today, the environment surrounding health care is at a major turning point, given the declining birth rate and population aging in Japan and some other advanced countries, increasingly sophisticated and complex technologies for medical care, and the diversification of cases in which nursing is called for. In such a situation, nurses for today and tomorrow are required to provide total care for physical and mental health from the patient perspective. Such nurses must be creative, strongly motivated, and resourceful in both intellectual and emotional aspects. At Takarazuka University, whose founding philosophy is “harmony of arts and sciences,” education in nursing is provided in response to such requirements of the times, to train nurses capable of enhancing patient QOL (quality of life).

Training nursing professionals for higher QOL

Today, in addition to mere material satisfaction indispensable for life, people attach great importance to their QOL (quality of life), including comfort and emotional contentedness.
Takarazuka University responds to this trend with its unique approach to education and research in nursing by drawing on its origin as an art university. It aims at training nursing professionals capable of enhancing patient QOL with their advanced skills and knowledge and their rich human side.

Future nursing explored in an art-conscious curriculum

Likening physical and mental health to the harmony of arts and sciences, the School of Nursing proposes a unique curriculum: the students study a broad range of academic subjects including not only specialized subjects of nursing but also medicine, psychology, social welfare, fine art, and music.
In this way, the students are trained as future nursing professionals capable of providing total care, covering physical and mental health and looking after patients’ emotional wellbeing by mobilizing their art-conscious training. The Department’s artistic environment is also ideal for broadening the students’ horizons and nurturing their creativity.

Attainable official qualifications
  • Eligibility for the National Nursing Examination of Japan

The Department’s main campus in Umeda in central Osaka

The main campus of the Department of Nursing is in Umeda in central Osaka, accessible in only about five minutes on foot from the Hankyu Railway Umeda Station (Chayamachi Exit) or in about 10 minutes on foot from the JR Osaka Station and the Subway Umeda Station. This convenient location with easy access to major train stations is ideal for the Department’s students, many of whom remain on the campus after the day’s courses for voluntary training and review, often until late into the evening.
The Campus Building houses practical training rooms and research rooms for the respective branches of Nursing, a library, and other facilities. An authentic tea ceremony room is also provided to be used in the Course “Traditional Artistic Expressions.” This symbolizes the Department’s unique approach to education in nursing in an art-conscious curriculum.
The Campus Building is an artistic space resulting from collaboration between two world-renowned artists, Tadao Ando (architectural design) and James Turrel (lighting installation).

Diverse future career opportunities in medicine and welfare, international community, and more

The students of the School of Nursing, armed with specialized learning and broad knowledge acquired in the four-year undergraduate program, have diverse career options upon graduation, including employment in designated advanced hospitals providing coordinated care and advanced treatment, schools, local community facilities, and home visit nursing stations; employment and other activities outside Japan; admission to graduate school or the Division of Advanced Training; and employment at research centers.

Possible future career paths

Possible admission to the Division of Advanced Training at Takarazuka University (one-year program in Midwifery)

* The School of Nursing students are required to pass a separate entrance examination.

Attainable official qualifications
  • Eligibility for the National Midwifery Examination of Japan