Takarazuka University

Graduate Program in Midwifery

Training focusing on both the technical and human aspects of the practice of midwifery

Graduarte program in Midwifery offers a one-year program in midwifery. Students who have obtained the number of units required to complete this program (33 units) are eligible for the National Midwifery Examination of Japan. The Department aims at training future midwives who have solid perinatal medical knowledge and skills who can also serve as community maternal and child healthcare specialists capable of supporting female reproductive health in different life stages, providing sex education for adolescents and advising on menopause. The curriculum is therefore designed to train future midwives who combine diverse competences, human warmth, and professional ethics. Concretely, the curriculum includes courses in basic midwifery and scientific evidence-based techniques, as well as courses that focus on the human aspect of, and the healing practice contained in, midwifery, drawing on Takarazuka University’s strengths as an art university. Such courses include “Art and Grief Care” about care for bereaved families after stillbirth, “Attachment Baby Massage” on techniques that promote mother-child bonding, “Attachment Yoga,” which allows students to obtain a technical qualification, and “Special Lecture on Health Issues in Urban Center,” a fitting subject for Takarazuka University with campuses located in large cities. A major characteristic of Graduarte program in Midwifery is small-group education in which students can benefit from close, personalized instruction. This is an ideal environment for students training to be highly capable professionals.

Attainable qualifications

Takarazuka University offers courses that provide students with related techniques and enable them to obtain formal qualifications. With such techniques and qualifications, students can aspire to be resourceful midwives capable of proactively improving themselves and extending their professional activities.

In addition to eligibility for the National Obstetrics Examination of Japan, the students completing the program of Graduarte program in Midwifery can apply for the following qualifications (some of which are linked with optional courses):
- Practical birth control instructor (qualification recognized by the prefectural governors)
- Neonatal cardiopulmonary resuscitation – primary course (qualification recognized by the Japan Society of Perinatal and Neonatal Medicine)
- Attachment Yoga instructor (qualification recognized by the Japanese Association of Attachment Parenting)
- Attachment Baby Massage (ABM) instructor (qualification recognized by the Japanese Association of Attachment Parenting)