Takarazuka University

Message from Takarazuka University

Message from Takarazuka University

Takarazuka University was established in 1987 in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, based on the founding principle of “harmony of arts and sciences.” At that time, our unique way of incorporating IT and multimedia into art education attracted great attention as a pioneering approach. In 2010, the School of Nursing was established. Today, Takarazuka University is well established and known for its specializations in art and design, nursing, with two schools in two cities: the School of Nursing in Kita Ward, Osaka City; and the School of Media Art in Tokyo in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. The location of two campuses in highly convenient urban centers in Umeda, Osaka (School of Nursing), and Shinjuku, Tokyo (School of Media Art in Tokyo), is one of Takarazuka University’s particularly marked characteristics. In 2014, Takarazuka became the first Keihanshin district private university to open a division of advanced training in midwifery on the Osaka Umeda Campus.

The ultimate objectives of education at Takarazuka University are to cultivate students’ aesthetic sensitivity through arts, nurturing their creativity and practical abilities, and to train individuals who contribute to society in its cultural, industrial and other domains and respond to the needs of increasingly globalizing society.

Toward these goals, University’s faculty members work as a united team, based on the founding principle cited above and the University’s philosophy of education that perceives art and nursing as acts of empowering people and appealing to people’s hearts. In their day-to-day interactions with students, the instructors constantly strive to improve the educational environment and provide the students with the best possible student life, repeating trial and error and seeking answers to some essential questions about the power of art that heals people’s hearts, ideal nursing for physical and mental health, education that draws out students’ potential and creativity, and so forth.

We would like to see the students of the School of Media Art in Tokyo explore their new possibilities through their diverse curricula designed to enable broad and deep learning, thereby developing their future career potential and personal strengths. As for the students of the School of Nursing, who not only acquire specialized skills and knowledge about nursing but also study subjects on “healing arts,” such as fine art and music, we hope they will train to be nurses capable of truly heartfelt care and support and, regardless of their career paths, embrace the ideal of nursing that heals people’s hearts as their guiding principle, remaining life-long learners who contribute to the welfare of society.

In Takarazuka University’s blessed learning environment, the students can acquire knowledge, expertise, and qualifications that can serve them throughout their lives to realize their dreams of serving society in turn through careers that heal, support, and bring happiness to others.

As for us, the faculty members, we will provide our full support to the students on their way to realizing their dreams, constantly strengthening and improving the education and research systems to ensure learning in response to the needs of the times.